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About Us

Whole Body Wellness LLC, is a holistic physical therapy clinic for the treatment of complex pain and dysfunction

Whole Body Wellness Physical Therapy, LLC is a chronic pain clinic and a pelvic care clinic, providing holistic treatments for children, men, and women suffering from complex chronic pain of any origin.   The clinic offers solutions to neurological conditions, such as MS, Parkinson’s; trauma pain, such as concussion, post traumatic stress disorder; urinary conditions, such as leakage, frequency, and hesitancy; digestive issues, such as constipation, IBS, Crohn’s, and reflux; prenatal pain and postpartum issues; and myofascial pain syndrome, such as trigger point pain and fibromyalgia.


The clinic is conveniently located near downtown New Providence, Union County, New Jersey, and it offers holistic treatments in a private and comfortable space for its patients. The clinic is convenient for patients in the neighboring counties of Morris County, Somerset County, Essex County, and Middlesex County.

The bigger picture

As a chronic pain clinic and a pelvic care clinic, Whole Body Wellness Physical Therapy, LLC believes in a whole-body approach when providing chronic pain treatment. Dr. Chang believes that healing starts when the body and mind are treated as a whole entity. If one only treats the painful areas without looking at the big picture, the pain mystery will not be solved!

Highly specialized

Treating people with complex chronic pain is a highly specialized field within physical therapy. Due to the complexity of the pain condition, advanced training and experience are needed for treatment efficiency and diagnostic accuracy . The clinic director, Dr. Yuchin Chang, draws on various osteopathic treatment techniques, restores body mind connection, and offers a unique whole-body approach to address patients’ chronic pain and piece the pain puzzles together.

Our mission and vision

We provide children, men, and women with compassionate care and skillful manual therapy during private, individualized treatment sessions to guide them through their journey of healing and reclaiming wholeness, vitality, and resilience.

To be a community leader in providing high-quality hands-on physical therapy for children, men, and women through innovative treatment approaches, effective hands-on techniques, patient education, and compassion.