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Every chronic pain patient, whether the diagnosis is trauma pain, concussion, long covid syndrome, or pelvic pain, has a different experience with physical therapy treatment. This section provides you with relevant information about receiving treatments in our clinic and divides the information into the following categories:

Your First Visit

Your first visit will be an initial evaluation, which is 60 minutes.  During the evaluation, the therapist will assess your joint alignment, body movements, gait analysis, body awareness, and the integrity of the nervous system, lymphatic system, and your organs’ motility.

She will also evaluate the flexibility of your muscles, fascia, nerves, and scar tissue, and determine the area of restrictions around the extremities, trunks, and spine. It is required for a patient to wear a clean mask covering the nose and mouth, and loose clothing, such as a T-shirt and stretchy pants, to allow free movement.

For patients with pelvic pain or dysfunction, after assessing the external structures, the therapist will discuss with you whether an internal pelvic floor muscle exam is appropriate based on your situation.  If you prefer not to have an internal pelvic floor muscle exam during your evaluation session, your therapist will not perform the exam.

After gathering all the information from the assessment, your therapist will discuss her findings with you and explain the interaction between different body parts and systems. Your therapist will come up with a plan of care based on the found evidence and discuss her plan fully with you. You are encouraged to ask questions and participate in your plan of care.

The initial evaluation session usually does not include treatments.

Your follow-up treatment session

The follow-up session will last either 60 or 75 minutes based on your pain and needs. The frequency and length of visits will be determined during your first visit.

The follow-up treatment session will include gentle hands-on therapy to areas of restriction in the muscles, fascia, joint, scar, or neural tissues.  The body alignment, body-mind connection, as well as movement patterns, will also be addressed.

Each patient will be provided with an individualized home exercise program as an extension of the treatment to enhance recovery. Patients are strongly encouraged to be compliant with the home exercise program to maximize the treatment outcome.

How to get started

New Jersey is a direct access state for physical therapy, which means that you do not need a doctor’s prescription to access physical therapy services.

You can start by simply giving us a call at (908) 361-1113. We will advise you to seek a doctor’s prescription if we feel that it is in your best interest to do so.

Payment and Insurance

Chronic pain is a complex entity, and it requires highly specialized skill sets to treat the person successfully. It takes years of meticulous hands-on training to develop a gentle yet acute tactile skill, and numerous advanced course training to form a unique whole-body perspective to go after the root of the problem.

Different from other practitioners, Dr. Yuchin Chang approaches her patients’ pain holistically and offers in-depth assessment analysis to educate her patients, not only treating the physical pain and dysfunction but also restoring the mind/body connection.

To achieve maximum effectiveness and quality, physical therapy treatments must be delivered in a one-on-one, patient-focused private session. As a result, our clinic decides to be an Out of Network Provider with all insurance carriers, including Medicare.

Payments are due at the time of service, and we accept cash, personal check, credit card, Venmo, or Zelle. Please be advised that credit card payment is currently being accepted with an additional service fee.  As a courtesy, we may submit insurance claims to the insurance carrier when requested by our patients.


For Out-of-Town Clients

Because of our clinic’s expertise in treating complex conditions, we have patients that come from out of town and travel long distances for physical therapy services. To derive the most benefit from their trips, we can provide intense, specialized programs for out-of-town patients.

The program may include a 90-minute initial evaluation and several consecutive daily 60-minute treatments. We will assist patients and make necessary recommendations for the transfer of care based on their home locations and needs.

Please contact the clinic if you would like to inquire further regarding the treatment program for out-of-town patients.

Patient Resources

Additional information about pelvic floor dysfunction and the role of physical therapy can be found at the external websites listed below.

Contact your therapist

Please use this form to contact us, your privacy will be secured fully. It is also possible to phone us: (908) 361-1113. We will do our best to get back to you in the way in which you request.