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Testimonials for Holistic Pain Treatment and Pelvic Care

“My experience with Dr. Chang has exceeded my expectations. I have had IBS symptoms for about 25 years. Over the past 15-20 years, I have experienced fecal incontinence. I sought help from various professionals; everyone from a nutritionist to a gastrointestinal doctor to a hypnotherapist to mental health professionals. Dietary changes provided some relief, but I continued to experience incontinence, especially during high impact exercise. I had become extremely frustrated and was feeling hopeless about finding a solution. She has empowered me to make positive changes and she has given me hope. For the first time, I have seen a significant reduction in my symptoms. I have learned much more about myself than expected, physically and emotionally (and how the two components are intertwined). While my treatment with Dr. Chang is not yet over, I will forever be grateful to her and I would highly recommend her.”


“I have had pelvic pain for years due to endometriosis. I have seen physical therapists who helped to a degree. More recently, the pain along with associated nerve pain around my body, intensified to the point where each day was a battle. Dr. Chang truly listened to my story and my body. She has an entirely different approach that step by step dealt with peripheral issues until finding and addressing the issue at the source - adhesions. The treatment is gentle and homework mandatory, yet tailored and easy to follow. Dr. Chang is responsive, supportive and realistic. I have gone from being unable to walk without pain to exercising comfortably and regularly. Treatment here has been worth every minute and every cent!!”

Amber H

“Whole Body Wellness and Dr. Chang are a blessing!! I travel over an hour to my sessions with Dr. Chang and know they are completely worth it! Dr. Chang’s unique approach has helped me tremendously. Over the course of six months, Dr. Chang has helped ease not only the physical aspects of my chronic pain but also the psychological, which has been a HUGE part in my healing process. I can say wholeheartedly that I will continue routine check in’s with Dr. Chang throughout my life! Thank you so much, Dr. Chang!”


“Dr. Chang's technique was highly effective yet gentle in healing my pelvic floor weakness. She was also able to release other pain and pressure in other parts of my back and body. She really understands how the body works and gives easy to follow exercises to do at home. I highly recommend her!”


“Whole Body Wellness is such an accurate name for this business. Dr. Yuchin Chang has so much knowledge about how all the parts of our body work together. Her gentle, non invasive technique helped me to overcome a chronic problem that I had tried many unsuccessful treatments to cure.”


“With a five minute physical, Yuchin was able to give me explanations for all my symptoms. She even told me about the symptoms I hadn’t discussed with her. Her certifications and credentials show in her work. It was huge for me psychologically to understand where my problems were coming from.

After two months of working with Yuchin, my condition has significantly improved. My confidence in being able to do normal, everyday things without pain is coming back.”


“I am a physical therapist who has struggled with pelvic pain for over 5 years. After minimally successful treatment by myself and other physicians, chiropractors and physical therapists I was referred to Dr Chang.

I have been very impressed with her knowledge and expertise and also her listening skills and kind manner. Over the course of 3-4 treatments my pain and symptoms were significantly reduced and my quality of life and ability for self-care significantly increased. I highly recommend.”

Rob CPhysical Therapist

“As an MS patient I see many physicians and have been to many physical therapists over the years. Yuchin is one of the most dedicated and caring medical providers I have ever worked with. She listens to my issues and asks questions to ensure she fully appreciates the problems.

Her treatment is creative, thoughtful and individualized. Instead of just treating symptoms, she takes the whole body into consideration and looks for the cause of the problems to focus her treatment. She asks for feedback on how the treatment is going and modifies her approach as needed to ensure optimized results. She is gentle and very effective.

Yuchin is very professional and works to expand her skill sets by frequently attending classes and continuing her education to ensure she does the best for her patients. I would not go to any other physical therapist.

I highly recommend her to anyone with chronic pain or pelvic floor issues. You will not find anyone who is better trained or more effective than Yuchin.”