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Postpartum abdominal and core weakness

What is postpartum abdominal and core weakness?

A pregnant woman experiences a lot of physical changes in her body. During pregnancy, a woman can experience lower back pain, pelvic pressure, pain at the pubic bone, tightness in the upper back, and so on as a result of bigger breasts and a growing abdomen. After pregnancy, the tissue changes again, especially in the abdomen, chest, and pelvic floor region. A woman often experiences weakness in the abdomen, lower back, and pelvic floor area and starts to have pain while caring for her baby.

Treatment for postpartum abdominal core weakness

The treatment for postpartum core weakness is assessing the woman’s body as a whole. The assessment will include the body movements, tissue alignments, ability to engage her core muscles, abdominal and pelvic floor tissue integrity, and body awareness.  In addition to using hands-on treatments to restore balance in the body, mindful exercises are instructed to re-engage the core and regain ease in the movements.

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