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Bladder prolapse therapy

What is bladder prolapse?

Bladder prolapse is when the bladder protrudes into the anterior vaginal wall as a result of childbirth, trauma, or unknown causes. There are different grades of prolapse, which the physician can grade it during an internal pelvic exam. At the early stages of bladder prolapse, few symptoms are noted. However, when the patient starts to have pressure or leakage, she or he will contact the physician for an evaluation and may be referred to a physical therapist for treatment.

Treatment for bladder prolapse

The patient can experience bladder pressure or urinary leakage, and the treatment approach is broader than just focusing on treating the bladder itself. The assessment will also include the overall coordination of the core regarding staying continent and decreasing pelvic pressure.

During the initial hands-on assessment, many different systems will be evaluated to tease out what structures are involved and in what order will the treatment be applied.

In addition to the gentle hands-on treatment, exercises to balance various systems will be instructed to the patient. This empowers the patient’s ability to self-regulate his/her body and build up the resilience of the body.

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