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C-Section scar pain

What is C-section scar pain?

C-section is short for Cesarean section; it’s a surgical procedure to cut the woman’s abdomen and uterus to deliver the baby. The C-section procedure can be planned or due to an emergency. The scar can be up-and-down (vertical) or side-to-side (horizontal). As expected, in an emergency, more tension and emotional distress can be experienced by the woman.

Treatment for C-section scar pain

The treatment for pain related to the C-section scar is to assess the local scar tissue’s mobility and degrees of adhesion. In addition, the overall tissue mobility as well as factors that can overload the scar tissues and create pain will also be taken into account.  In addition to using gentle hands-on treatments to release the tension, self-care techniques are instructed to release the scars and re-engage the core.

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