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Pelvic pain therapy

What is pelvic pain?

Pelvic pain is a pain in the lower abdominal, groin, sacral, lower back, and pelvic floor region. The pain can be superficial or deep, constant or intermittent. Pelvic pain can also present with digestive, urinary, or bowel symptoms. The patient often has a wide range of symptoms and hard to find relief effectively. Fortunately, when treating the body holistically, the relief is long-lasting.

Treatment for pelvic pain

When treating pelvic pain or dysfunction, a whole-body approach needs to be considered.  During the initial hands-on assessment, many different systems, such as the muscles, joints, organs, and nervous system, will be evaluated to tease out what structures are involved and in what order will the treatment be applied.

In addition to the gentle hands-on treatment, exercises to balance the autonomic nervous system will be instructed to the patient. This empowers the patient’s ability to self-regulate his/her body and build up the resilience of the body.

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