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Pain After Pregnancy Therapy

What is pain after pregnancy?

Postpartum pain is the experience of having pains after the delivery of the baby. It can be the result of a complication related to the delivery or pregnancy, or it can happen while caring for a baby, such as breastfeeding, lifting a toddler, and so on.
After the baby was born, the mom’s full attention is on caring for the baby, and has very little time and energy for self-care. When pain is present, it’s more challenging for the mom to enjoy being with her baby physically.

Treatment for pain after pregnancy

The treatment for postpartum pain is to assess the woman’s body as a whole.  The assessment will include body movements, tissue alignments, ability to engage the core, tissue integrity of the abdomen and pelvic floor, and body awareness.

In addition to using gentle hands-on treatments to balance the body, mindful exercises are instructed to restore balance in the body and calm the central nervous system.

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