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Urinary leakage therapy

What is urinary leakage?

Urinary incontinence is one of the most common bladder dysfunctions and is especially common in women. Following childbirth, women can suffer from postpartum urinary incontinence due to core weakness and/or pelvic floor scarring. One can experience leakage with coughing or sneezing, and the leakage symptoms can often be associated with a strong urge or frequency issue.

Treatment for urinary leakage

Kegel exercises are often prescribed by physicians to treat incontinence; however, the patients often are unable to do them correctly. In many cases, their body needs much more than doing Kegel exercises. In my practice, I believe that to treat incontinence effectively, a whole-body approach should be utilized and not just solely focus on the bladder.

In addition to hands-on treatment, exercises to enhance body connection will be instructed, so the patient can continue to strengthen the connection outside of the therapy sessions.

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