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Sexual pain therapy

What is sexual pain?

Painful sex is also known as dyspareunia, and it can occur in both men and women. Sexual pain can be a pain in the superficial or deep tissues of the genitals or the pelvic tissues during sexual acts. People often find it difficult to discuss with medical professionals, let alone seek help. Fortunately, there are treatments to address sexual pains in wholesome and effective ways.

Treatment for sexual pain

Even though the patient has symptoms in the pelvic areas, there may be other structures (both local and distant) in the pelvis that contribute to the pain. During the initial hands-on assessment, many different systems will be evaluated to tease out what structures are involved and in what order will the treatment be applied.
In addition to the gentle hands-on treatment, exercises to balance the autonomic nervous system will be instructed to the patient. This empowers the patient’s ability to self-regulate his/her body and build up the resilience of the nervous system.

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